Ovid & Calvin Commons

1101 College Avenue Indianapolis, IN IMG_6025   For more than 30 years this 6,700 square foot retail center at the corner of 11th and College sat vacant, boarded-up windows collecting graffiti, its neglected structure sagging and deteriorating. Built in 1927 and once a bustling A&P, by the early 2000s this historic building was targeted for demolition. Enter Teagen Development. Despite its rough condition, Teagen recognized the potential in the 11th & College site. With close proximity to both the Chatham Arch and Old Northside┬áneighborhoods, Teagen believed the property could make an ideal home for small retailers. The building was also historically significant, once owned by Ovid Butler, founder of the institution that would become Butler University. Construction began in December of 2013. The building required extensive rehabilitation and reconstruction. A roof collapse had left the interior of the building exposed to the elements for many years. Teagen performed a full roof replacement, stabilized the west and south facades, and created new walkways and a patio area for the building. Original details, such as the wood & glass storefront system and masonry, were preserved in the reconstruction. Teagen also created new parking opportunities along 11th street to serve the revitalized shopping center. Today, Ovid & Calvin Commons is home to R2GO, a deli and specialty food market, and Righno, a men's clothing boutique.   Read more at the Indianapolis Business Journal